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Instructions   30th June 2015   27th - 29th May 2015

Invited Speakers

Maria Vittoria Salvetti, Professor
University of Pisa
"LES quality"
Elisabetta De Angelis, Assoc. Professor
University of Bologna
"LES modeling"

Elias Balaras, Professor
The George Washington University
"DNS/LES of biological flows"
Ruud L.G.M. Eggels,
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG
Dominique Thévenin, Professor
Univ. of Magdeburg
"DNS and LES of transitional and
two-phase flows"
Maarten Van Reeuwijk, Professor
Imperial College London
"LES of Atmospheric flows"
Richard D. Sandberg, Professor
Univ. of Southampton
"Large-scale compressible-flow
DNS computations"



Dr. Dimokratis  G.E. Grigoriadis
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Cyprus, grigoria@ucy.ac.cy
Dr. Stavros Kassinos
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Cyprus, kassinos@ucy.ac.cy

Vincenzo Armenio (Trieste, Italy)
Jochen Fröhlich (Dresden, Germany)
Bernard J. Geurts (Twente, Netherlands)
Hans Kuerten (Eindhoven, Netherlands)


e-mail: info@dles10.org
Dr. Dimokratis  G.E. Grigoriadis
Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering,
University of Cyprus, grigoria@ucy.ac.cy
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